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Christopher Cook

Director of Acquisitions

Chris has been an Oil & Gas Land Management Executive for over forty years. Chris has supervised land acquisition & multi-disciplinary prospect generation teams, drilling & development teams,  developed acquisition and divestment programs for royalties and leases,  supervised oil & gas title and contract litigation,  testified as an recognized expert in oil & gas regulation and practices in numerous venues and supervised oil & gas regulatory activities with the Texas Railroad Commission and Texas General Land Office (GLO). Chris has extensive experience in all phases of upstream oil and gas operations and transactions.  From 1981 – 1996, he was the Senior Land Negotiator for Amoco (now BP) covering exploration & production operations on and offshore U.S.

Chris was one of the originators of the basic methodology behind the emerging mineral and royalties space and has successfully fostered the creation of successful mineral & royalties portfolios by combining creative and early use of data retrieval, extraction & exploitation techniques with traditional land practices to underwrite and aggregate thousands of valuable privately held minerals and royalty interests from the millions of small fragmented individual mineral owners in the U.S.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Petroleum Land Management from the University of Texas at Austin.

  • 39+ years in oil exploration, production, turnaround, M&A.
  • Portfolio Manager and Co-Founder Fort Trinidad Investors
  • Oil and Gas Landman & Consultant for 23 years, supervising  land acquisition teams, developer of acquisition and divestment programs for royalties, minerals and leases, Texas Railroad Commission recognized expert
  • Senior Land Negotiator for BP / Amoco – 16 years
  • BBA in Petroleum Land Management, University of Texas at Austin, 1981

Brandon L. Groover

Director of Business Development

Brandon Groover started his career as an entrepreneur at the age of 21. In 2007 he launched Jacksonville International Trade Associates.  Brandon was responsible for establishing a global supply chain. JITA had trading partners in the United States, China, Japan, Singapore, India, Canada, and Vietnam allowing its clients to reduce their cost while maximizing productivity.  Brandon eventually sold his trade portfolio before moving into the Healthcare sector.

In 2013 at the age of 27  Brandon launched Elite Home Health, LLC., a full service Medicare Home Care Agency. Elite provides Nursing, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy ,and Occupational Therapy. Under his leadership the company has grown to become one of the largest Home Care Agencies in North Florida. Brandon recently expanded the firm to the Orlando region.

In 2018 Brandon was appointed as the Florida State Director of an Opportunity Fund task force. While traveling across the country he made the commitment to promote the use of Opportunity Funds to revitalize distressed areas. As a result, Brandon decided to launch his own Opportunity Fund.

Robert Samuels

VP of Operations

10+ years in music, sports, alternative investments, and high-growth operations.

Founder & CEO of sports tech startup (successful exit after years)

BA in Sociology, University of Maryland. Masters in Finance, Harvard University

Patrick Hoogendijk

Advisor, Blue Phi Capital

25+ years in private equity, venture capital, alternative investment fund operations.

Former CFO Oil & Gas IP Fund.

EIM Capital, CEA Advisors, Wethos.

Masters in Chemical Engineering, MBA New York University, Certified Financial Analyst.