Founded because of necessity…

The Verte venture program is distinguished by its focus on venture partnerships that invest in technology and life science-based companies at the seed and early stages of a private company’s life. Compared to other segments of private equity, venture is a relatively small asset class, so the best managers tend to be highly access restricted.

The venture industry is also differentiated from most other investment sectors in that manager performance is characterized by persistence, i.e., top performing venture managers have a high probability of future out performance [1]. As such, skilled manager selection and concentrated access to the best venture capitalists are critical elements to a successful venture program. Verte has successfully identified (and continues to identify) leading managers and has built (builds) relationships with firms that, today or in the future, we believe represent the established top performing venture franchises.

Here to stay…

We believe the key to out-performance throughout the venture cycle is to leverage expertise and remain disciplined. Reactionary investment strategies that change with the venture cycle have led many venture investors to experience poor performance.

In our primary allocations, Verte addresses these industry dynamics by maintaining a responsible fund size, focusing on early stage, long-standing manager relationships, investing in every vintage year, and carefully conducting diligence on investments.

In our secondary investments, Verte seeks to exploit inefficiencies in the venture capital investment process to build a portfolio of some of the most appealing assets in the venture capital ecosystem. Verte utilizes its experience, network, and access to identify and locate innovative company and portfolio investment opportunities.

A brief History

  • 2005


    Founding of PI Analytics

    PI Analytics founded to provide investment management consulting to institutional portfolios

  • 2015

    Launched Verte Capital

    Launched first venture capital fund, Verte Capital



  • 2016

  • 2016

    Began offering adviser services

    Launched active investment management for private loans



  • 2017


    Launched Robo-Advisor service

    Launched Hybrid Robo-Advisor service for asset management of small individual accounts

  • 2018

    Launched active trading platform

    Launched active trading accounts, swing trading and option investment strategies for high net worth individuals



  • 2019


    Verte OZ Fund

    Launched second venture capital fund, Verte Opportunity.

A Venture Capital Opportunity Fund

We focus on rapid growth, high yielding start up investment opportunities