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Understanding our focus

The Verte venture program is distinguished by its focus on venture partnerships that invest in technology and life science-based companies at the seed and early stages of a private company’s life. Compared to other segments of private equity, venture is a relatively small asset class, so the best managers tend to be highly access restricted.

The venture industry is also differentiated from most other investment sectors in that manager performance is characterized by persistence, i.e., top performing venture managers have a high probability of future out performance [1]. As such, skilled manager selection and concentrated access to the best venture capitalists are critical elements to a successful venture program. Verte has successfully identified (and continues to identify) leading managers and has built (builds) relationships with firms that, today or in the future, we believe represent the established top performing venture franchises.

Verte has also invested selectively in non-early stage venture partnerships. These opportunities typically have attractive investment returns comparable to early stage venture capital funds.

Growth equity funds targeted by Verte will typically invest higher amounts in companies with lower downside risk and shorter holding periods. Additionally, growth equity financing’s often have downside protections such as convertible and participating preferred securities.

What we look for in you

  • Addressable Market Growth

  • Apt to Dominant Market

  • Distribution/Exit Strategy

  • Capability to Execute

  • Trustworthy Management

  • Doing Good

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